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Here my weblog want to be and Let’s cheer the days of 2018 !!

bangka belitung blog
I am still very passionate for the year of 2018 as bangkabelitungblog.com has been reaching its ten years phase. Hundreds of contents that were made during those periods has been reflected my thinking and showed how I has been growing so far.

I am still looking forward to find my best circumstances in order to improve the weblog performance. Some of the improvements are; the lay out design, the content quality, the variation of mediums (more infographics for example), and also about the update-something commonly happen in web organization-I guess. I hope these improvements would be a real one this year.

I am still believing that web blog is still a perfect medium for expressing our thinking to outsiders along other convenient mediums spreads through any forms in the digital age nowadays.

"Web blog would certainly adapt and always be “as personal” as the audience want."

Because I think, there will be always a slice of audience segmentation who regards this medium as their main source of information, just like those who keep listening the radio although television emerges during those era.

Therefore, except an appearance looks and a content quality, my web blog resolution for the 2018 is reaching the goal above, i.e to be one significance source of information for others, especially for Bangka Belitung and Indonesia. A medium that gives us a meaningful of insight on newest issues written based on my personal perspectives.

Finally, I wish the site could transformed itself into a well design, well written, dynamic and a responsive blog as well as the true source of information for you all.

Good luck and Happy new year of 2018 !!!

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