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Why thinking positively is a must

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Living far from home needs an adaptation in order to live normally among people around us. Especially, when we starting a permanent living or just temporal living as a university student. We will face a lot of characteristic and find different situations ahead among community. That’s why, for some people, they might think money is important supporting for this new phase, but other might think we must encourage mentality to adapt. In most cases, I believe that it is better for all concern if we are as a person needs to think positively with other people in our daily relations, particularly / specifically if he is planning to move to strange place as a new comer.

First of all, it is important to consider psychological influences. Off course, the mental condition might be different among person to person. But, some psychologist assumed that person with positively thinking is capable to drive his brain to command his motoric to be positive actions. By way of example, I can recall trying to live individually outside family home as a university student and I am trying hard to adapt with a new environment especially to new community. During those process, I have found that by thinking positively would made us easy to act normally and to behave confidently.  This in turn, had a positive effect to add my confident. 

Hence, in addition to psychological influences, I think it is better for us to create branding image of our self. Probably, a fact that more people nowadays become more individualistic so more of them think differently about branding image concept. But we exactly want everyone to look at our self in positive way.  In order to do so, we must be more attractive. To support this argument, on business, marketing is an integral part to pursue profits, this hypothesis required positive branding of the products. So, thinking positively is like a marketing plan itself. Just imaging our self as a product to sell, and more sophisticated branding strategy we made, the more positive we are. 

Finally, thinking positively means to get positive impact from others on purpose. Although a relation could be build on many factors like business relation, hobby, or same origin, but all of this factors are just thin layer not personally touch in socializing. That’s why, being a positive person would attract more people to come and to relate with us in friendship because people reply our positive into welcoming acceptation. I can recall my friend whose attitude is hospitable becoming more charming for people around him. As a result, he had many friends for his positive attribute.   

To sum up, based on the arguments explored above. I am of the opinion that in most cases it’s actually more beneficial for most of us as new comers to think positively when we move to new town. In the era of digital communication today, we would easy to see and communicate with people of different characters. Thinking positively is a core foundation to be a proper person who is charming and attracted to support life as new comer. (aksansanjaya)

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