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Tourism as solution after Tin Era

Tanjung Tinggi beach located in Belitong island, another island of Bangka Belitung province
Many people are going to be quite anxious about the Bangka future after tin mining era end. It is a normal sense, because people of Bangka had been living from tin industry for centuries.  But, tin is indeed a non renewable material on earth, so it is the matter of time that tin will be out of stock someday. That’s why, government are forced to arrange new developing strategies facing the era after tin. In between the strategic options are about concerning in developing agricultural sector or concerning in tourism industry, generally speaking, I believe that it is better for all concerned if local government especially Bangka regency develops tourism field after tin mining era which predictable is going to end for some years ahead.

First of all, it is important to consider unique natural resources. Certainly, Indonesia is enriched with variety of natural resources, some beautiful mountains, rivers, or hills have attracted people around the world. But talking about beaches, I am sure we all agree to say that Bangka is a wonderful island, especially for its unique beaches. Because, Bangka has many beaches stretched from east to west enriched with variety of rocks in size and color, and also white sandy beaches. This natural form gives itself a unique and differ blessing than other islands. To support, I have friends from Jakarta, who last month came and visited Teluk Uber, one of tourism spot in Bangka. My friends, who actually had travelled as backpackers around Indonesia, admitted that Bangka is one of most unique places in Indonesia. This is in turn gives a strong fact that Bangka’s beaches are rare among other region in Indonesia. 

Equally important of unique natural resources, I think it is better for local government to consider about strategic geographic location among other islands. Indonesia as we know, indeed an archipelago country that stretched from Sabang to Merauke with thousands of small islands or big islands. So, people need to use air or water transportation to move within islands. However, In fact, Bangka Belitung is one of provinces that closer to Java; a main island where Jakarta as capital of Indonesia located than many islands. Moreover, to reach Bangka Island is needed about 45 minutes flight from Jakarta. Consequently, people from Jakarta can visit Bangka beaches easier and cheaper than visiting Bali or Ancol. For example, people around east Jakarta must face severe traffic jam within hours before entering Ancol, or they must sit approximately in three hours flight to reach Bali. In contrast, Going to Bangka is shorter and cheaper evidently.

Additionally, in the old years and present years to come, tourism business could become the main income for nation even for a small district, particularly Bangka regency. For some places, tourism could be an alternative way to gain income; compared to main income dependent on gas, oil, mineral mining, and also agricultural. Anyway, tourism is mainly involved in service area that rather easy to develop than managing heavy industrial like oil or gas. I estimate when tourist comes and visits some tourism spots, off course they need staying in a motel or hotel, buying handicrafts, paying for meals and daily need. The money they spending mean there is an addition for economic circulation in one region, especially in Bangka district. Furthermore this addition will support local economic to growth. By way of example, Bali as a province which it’s greatest region income actually comes from tourism activities for many years. So I think the inevitable fact had shown us that tourism industry can be a dominant income for such region exactly.

To sum up, by argument explored above, I am sure that by developing tourism sector could be a solution in a way to come out successfully after tin mining era. By developing tourism spot, it doesn’t only give an alternative way to increase good government but it also giving strong foundation for a community and a generation after to elaborate and facing the new era by well prepared. *** (aksansanjaya).

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