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Tanjung Pesona Beach

Tanjung Pesona Beach
Sunday noon, August 18th, with accompanies, two photographers and three models. it was actually, a hunting as we often do as photographer. But, the weather was really amazing. The sky was blue and also the sea. Even though it was tidewater, but when wave hit the rocks, it created many foams. I almost forget shooting model, because the amazing scene we had.

We went to Tanjung Pesona, the location is at left side of this tourism spot. perhaps it still include the spot itself. But, in contrast, there are no public facility, such as roads, canteen, or rest room. it was natural, a small gulf with many rocks. But, it still attracts some visitors. Covered by forest and natural footpath, this location is like a hidden place.

Tanjung Pesona, located in Sungailiat, Bangka Belitung Province Indonesia. One day, you should come and enjoy the beautiful scenery. here some pics of this spot.
The foam of sea

local fisherman

spot of tanjung pesona beach

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