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Beginner for Macro World

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Few months, I tried something new in photography, it is Macro Photography. Despite there were for five years, I started to take a picture using digital camera, the macro photography is the one I never try. I became more enthusiastic when some of my office mates got the new digital cameras. They love taking macro than model or landscape, I did before. 

So, I thought it’s the time for me to start Macro. Using D90 Nikon body, with 50mm 1,4 nikkor fixed lens, I add them with Raynox DCR 250 macro lens. I prefer say filter than lens, because its works when attached to the ring lens, same as other filters do.
For beginning, it’s hard for me to take a bug or other insects, some problems are the shaky. I need take a deep breath and hold it for few seconds, while I press the shutter speed. And doing this need few seconds make me a little tired. 

Some matter is, a very narrow of depth of field. The Raynox DCR 250 forces us to compose and well steady focusing. Any less moving can cause defocus object. So, you must hold the camera tightly, standing or recline securely for a better and sharp image.

Others problem are about the object and environment where we take the photos. Some areas with hard wind cause difficulties in getting proper images. Direction of the light is something we need paying attention. This determines the shadow and exposure of the images. 

I suggest adding flash with diffuser homemade, to exposure some images under or backlighting the light. So the dark area can be lit properly. 

Overall, i am satisfied by using this filter. although i have to use multiple shoots, but one or two shoots result clear and sharp images. You have to focus manually, and recompose well. at the bigger ring size, for examples, 67 or more, the pictures will be vignetting

Using Raynox DCR 250 is the first step for you, who want to learn more about macro photos. All the patient, well practical composing, focus prediction train indirectly us before getting more in real macro world. I recommended it for beginner.

But, for extreme macro, can use more advance tools, such as extension tube, flash with diffuser, and off course, the lens, special designed for macro.

These pictures, images that taken with Raynox, and Nikon D90 Camera plus Nikkor 50mm1,4 fix. 

standing steadly



in the end

the seed

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