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University of Bangka Belitung Profile

BangkaBelitung University (UBB) was established in 2006 with the unification of three leading higher educational institutions in Bangka Belitung Province (Timah Polytechnic for Manufacturing, Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and Pahlawan 12 Academy of Engineering) through Decree Letter No. 52/D/O/2006 from the Indonesian Ministry of National Education.  Since November 2010, based on enforcement of Peraturan Presiden (President Rule)No. 65 Tahun 2010, UBB status is changed from private university into state university.

Regarding the earnest will of Bangka Belitung people to compete with other nations as the core spirit and addressing the urgent need for improving the quality of human resources particularly in the Province of Bangka Belitung and Indonesian in general, UBB always strives to become a leading higher education institution.

UBB realizes that the outstanding of competitiveness should be well balance with the outstanding of comparativeness.  We sees a huge opportunity in that both competitions, especially in strengthening the outstanding of comparativeness brightly while other universities do not see this as golden opportunity in global competition. 

UBB still and continuously takes the opportunities through the link with balance and visible on how important global mentality for present and future students. Together with continuous improvement of cognitive aspect, intellectual and morality, UBB will leading beneath well-known universities in Indonesia even in international level.
side view of the campus

low angle
from down
when the sky is blue

with the motto, Outstanding in Developing Civilization

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