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Tanjung Kelayang

Tanjung Kelayang
A Wonderful Noon

Bangka Belitung, province of beautiful islands offers wonderful beaches. From my past story, you probably had known some spots of tourism. If you hadn’t, it’s better to open the label and see some beaches I am talking about.

For this new update, I capture nice views from Sungailiat district. Tanjung Kelayang, it’s named located among Parai Tenggiri Beach and Resort and Matras Beaches. Local habits are familiar with the two spots. Because they have already been famous for entirely people in Bangka Belitung. But, I bet less people know where Tanjung Kelayang is.

So, here I am going to tell you short description of this wonderful peninsula. First, how getting to beach. For the beginning, you must go to Bangka island Indonesia [heee]. There are lot of Tour Travels that can guide you to any tourism spots in Bangka Belitung. Just ask them to accompany to Kelayang Beach. Its so easy.

If you keen on, you may use taxi after landing in Depati Amir airport. There, you just ask them to pick you to Sungailiat as well as to the local resort or motel. It just take about one hour from air port in Pangkalpinang to sungailiat. For backpackers, this can be enjoyable. You can rent a car or motorcycle to travel in Sungailiat. Especially to Tanjung Kelayang. That’s it.

Second, what can I get from Tanjung Kelayang. You are going to see small beach. To relax meanwhile the air from the sea, blows your face. It can be a great sensation. Let alone, putting your dress off, swimming to the limpid sea water. While the tropical air fulfill you. If you want, you can camp here too. Its near location to the city center, Sungailiat in about 15 minutes will give other advantages to get needs. Like food and drink.

A very memorized moment is when the sea recede [you can see pictures below]. A wide white sand covered the sea shore. The group of stones side by side give a very nice landscapes. I think yous should go and feel how its wonderful time. At afternoon, Tanjung Kelayang sea shore like a glass. What a wonderful time. So, plan right now travelling to Bangka island or [contact me, via email].

Below, some pictures for you, hope you enjoy!

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budakbangka 25 September 2009 pukul 15.12 Hapus Komentar
Boleh ijin sedot gak nih....tolong dibales di http://budakbangka.blogspot.com