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Some Spots for Relax in Sungailiat (Part II)

After taking bath at Kwan Im godnees, You may visit Teluk Uber beach, its located at east of Sungailiat, about 20 minutes long. Actually, not only teluk uber, but also tanjung pesona, tanjung asmara, and rebo can be reached in one direction. Each is nearly, and connected by long road that lines the hills at the east .

Teluk Uber offers white sand at the sea bank, widely covered almost structure of beach. Some infrastructures support the area to be more enjoyable. The motel is available here. So, for you who want taking a little bit longer, may spend the nights here while the scenery was amazing. Through the window, visitor can watch sunrise and the sea panorama a head.

Mini barbeque shop also available at down near the bank. So, for you who like to taste sea food like fish, the spot can offer it.

While, if you wanna continue the travel, may go to Tanjung Pesona beach. One of famous tourism spot in Sungailiat. Here, the hotel and motel built same as resto, café, swimming pool, sport center, and the supporting facilities. The modern touch was fully tasted, that’s why they ask permit ticket from visitors. Just about Rp 10.000,- for one, but its still negotiable. The same with Teluk Uber, but their ticket is cheaper.
Tanjung pesona is such a beach with full facilities. Wanna play at the sea bank, just go down at the right of are. Wide sand covered large area, while there are at least four the volley ball hall located. The parking are available. So the car can park near the location they like. In holiday, this place visited almost by families from around Sungailiat and other cities in Bangka Belitung.

If You want to spend some days here, that can be enjoyable too. Coz people can watch sunrise at early, next time you enjoy playing at white sands, night or day. The café offer you a view to sea from the top place. Have dinner can be so romantic here.

Unlike other spots, Tanjung pesona is a modern tourism beach spot in Bangka Belitung especially at Sungailiat. The other is Parai Beach that located at west.

For an extreme spots, for you who like a challenge and natural spot. You should continue the travel. Through an exit point at Tanjung pesona, turn left to the road line the hills. Some adventures is waiting for you.

I am telling this because there will be off the road experiences, drives to the down hills or up hills. If you are lucky, you will find unique spot with a very natural place ever. This can be really experience.

For long time ago, there is used to be, Tikus beach. But the mine activities have destroyed the landscapes for years ago. But now, the beach become unique, a large white sands covered the area, while the granite stones groups extend at the near. It is like growing from the bottom of the sea. Tikus can be first destination. Next the truly experiences comes ahead.

Some spot listed as Tanjung Asmara, Vihara at the Up hill, Rebo at the end of travel. But some of the spots without names, and located at the right around the road, down the hills and plants, trough the steps road, off the road, the unique spot will be waiting then. There will be some roads without names, and if lucky, You will get amazing scene with a very natural place. Trust Me…

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