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About Barber shop

It’s about the place they cut hair, make it beautiful then you can show it. Then I found, Barber shop is not only that, but it’s about how you spend some minutes on that chair, to have such dialogues, when it ended, suddenly you get clever besides the nice hair model you have.

There some types of barber shop. As I know by location, first, “barber shop under tree”. This type is a very simple place. They just have to find a big tree, next build a such camp with a mirror and a chair. I found this model a lot in Bandung, west java. When I was on the way by bus, I always pass the barbershop. If you notice well, there are a lot of hair under the chair, means they had been long at the area.

Second, “barber shop in a gang”, complicated house building in a town, made this type as a common model. For students, it might be good option, coz it offered low rate. A college student, especially who came from another island, and had low income, this barber help much. Built in mini size, commonly in a room 2x3 meter, with one chair, a mirror in front of you, and one in a back, so you can fully watch how you look like.

Third, “barber shop in a mall or plaza”, a kind that located in a business centre, shopping centre in a town. Compared by the kinds above, they don’t hire amateur stylist, but a professional. It even has its own name, like “Rudi salon”, “Alex salon,”, meanwhile, for the second, they just put banner like, “Potong Rambut”. Usually, the third offer higher rate coz the facilities they offer.

Have hair cut then Getting Clever
Sometime, there could be a very interesting conversation ever, through the barber, you will get more views about daily news, from his view. When I try to be good listener, He will talk more and more, some news come out from him while he keep cutting. You’ll even get such kind information, rare and unique.

In such condition, this info will be valuable. Its possible, coz he always meet different people. Can you imagine, if there are a hundred of people come and have their hair cut. There might be then a hundred of information on a day. But, it doesn’t mean I trust him a lot. For an attempt to wide your views, it’s very useful.

Commonly, its politics talk, I prefer to be at the second type because as usual most of stylists are friendly. First they will start talking, if you react, he will keep talking. But, if you keep silent, they will do so. It’s the rule. They talk as a grass root side, complain for how official run the development programs. They said, right now people are getting hard to live well. Basic needs are hard to find. Legislator never thinks about grass root people. They corrupted people tax.

If you like gossip, the third can be good option. The new model of hair was mainly talks. An ideal place for woman who active and have carrier work. For mature woman, this is a place where they meet each other, and to do “Arisan”. For teenager, the salon is a place to upgrade the looks.

Barber shop, is a place for who need to relax. They often do specialty massage to your head, that’s why it felt very enjoyable. You must give tip for this service. For second type, they usually have this skill. With vary in moving hand, their finger push your head, stick your neck, grab your arms in determine power. Then, you will fly in to the sky. You will smile despite you have already broken hearth. I think this skill is unique and rare. For better impact, they might learn and learn in years.

Barber shop, is small place in our complex life. But, it offers little heaven for who look for the better hair.

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