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Do we really reliable on technology?

Nowadays, it is inevitable that people become more reliable with the technology to solve problems. As a result, most of people think that the ability to think for themselves will surely be deteriorate. But, I am of the opinion that technology actually give us strong foundation to increase the ability to think. In contrast to deteriorating of thinking, a reliable for technology even support our ideas and imagination existed in the digital era.

First of all, we need to consider about technology help us to improve for daily task. Perhaps, most of us thought that technology made us a little bit lazy because it could finish some of daily tasks. In contrast, I disagree with previously assumption, technology obviously has given greatest support especially in daily life. As people growth, more invention founded and it assisted us to finish our daily task. For example, before the car invention, people used horse to go to workplace, later on, when we arrived at the workplace, we still used pencil to write or ballpoint to make an agreement contract or other papers documentary. After motor engine invention preceded by steam machine, inventor like Henry Ford develops motor engines installed to old car, to be modest car and available to everyone. Till now, it is hard to find person traveled to other place without car.   

In addition to assisting daily task, a reliability of technology supported us to realize ideas or imagination in to new invention. It like multiplier effects, when invention early found then followed by other inventions for years to come. I can recall, when I first had a cell phone in 2003, the system was simple just for text messaging and to contact via mobile, afterward new model and sophisticated system enrich the cell phone capability, as years come to early 2010, many cell phone featured by video call, photography, internet connectivity and so on. These features indicated that new invention stimulated other inventions. In other words, technology made people getting challenged to improve. 

Finally, using technology is actually about controlling mindset. This fact could be amused us how to size an abstract concept about psychological effect. But, in other word, I want to state that using technology is just basically to help our task, so there are limitations of time to use this equipment. So there are need self monitoring about when to start and to stop in utilizing this gadgets. To support this claim, I can recall friends of mine reunited in a cafĂ©, surprisingly they all together just were busy with the gadgets without having conversation each others. From that fact, I conclude that it depended ourselves how far in using the gadget. Using it to much will make us being rusty our significance rather than talking and expressing personal experiences instead we personally keep in touch only for technology.  

To sum up, we are as human need technology to develop to be better civilization. Reliability in one side could be disadvantage but in the other side, we can increase our life quality if we know how to use the technology properly. In a years to come, ability of technology utilize are guarantee to our better civilization.(aksansanjaya)

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