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Here Are Some Spots for You to Relax in Sungailiat (Part I)

Travelling in Sungailiat, one of cities in Bangka Belitung Province can be enjoyable. Some nice spots actually available near to city center. All what you need is a motorcycle and a drinking water, don’t forget a pocket camera. With friends accompany You, travelling in Sungailiat can be interesting activities.

II suggest for the first, travelling to Lubuk Kelik Hills where Klenteng for Budhism located. From City center, you drive to jalur dua street, then reach the acrros. Just turn right, you will pass chinesee village, Lubuk Kelik area. About 15 minutes then, right side of the street, there is a sign tell the location pricisily.

The road then became more uphill. But in agood condition, your motor can reach the top, coz the road are paving block made. Its suggested to come early in the morning, or late in the afternoon. The view it offer, sunset and sunrise was amazing from the top.

Then, you may come down, and plan to visit Dewi Kwan Im Bathing, A palce where people go and have a bath there. Its believed, a good sacred will be yours when you get shower.

The place is about 20 minutes from city center, the map begin Sudirman street, then see the fourth across, where the only red lamp exist in Sungailiat. Just pass the across and turn right to Pesona Beach direction. The street to Kwan Im is same to Pesona dan Uber Beach, and Tanjung Asmara, Also Rebo beach. The beach groups extend from the east of Sungailiat.

Enter Jelitik zone, near the corner, just turn to the right road, enter red sand made. You have to ride along the streets, pass some chinesse villages for about 10 km long. Its easy to find and the acces to the location is easies for visitors.

Then you will find the green houses, such a complex where mosque even statued side by side with church, Tepikong, and Vihara. A place represent high tolerantion in relegion.

Enter the complex, downhill, you will meet a house, release the shoes, you may take a bath in some ponds of water. There are at least four degress of pond for bathing. All of the water is clean and limpid. You may bath as long as you like. At the top degreess, that’s a bigger pond that contains lily and gold fish. And the lotus grows from the bottom to the top, let alone, the flower with red and white colour grows at the top of water. Wonderful scenery ever. (continued)

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