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Becoming a Worker

Yesterday, I had such conversation to my friend, this is about how hard to become worker. The unlucky position viewed from four sides of jobs by Robert T. Kiyosaki.

At the moment, then I really realize why he many times, say the best job is becoming businessman than a worker from his book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, I am really understand, why he said there are less rich people but they control all things in the world.

Then I imagine, what I am like within five or ten years a head?, will I still deal with administration works, writing letters, or such kinds of it for entirely of my life?. I have friend, He ever asked me joined Multi level marketing, I join then, while he has driving his own car, he just need two years to get his first car. Two years, I still have nothing.

He is now as busy as me, I am handling my administrations stuff , he is doing too. I deal with a lot of people, and he is doing the same. But what differ it, I have boss while he has partners, I wake up early then late at home, he can wake up anything he like. He travels to the place in the world, while I come and back from office to home every day,

May I said, God is not fair to me?, that’s clearly wrong. Or, we have different fate, that’s false too.

Becoming a worker is not so bad that I will be poor forever. But can you tell me, how its like to be, I need 20 years to have a house while he need a year to build a house?,

Worker is tired job, and I want to say…I don’t like to be passive person, a person need 20 years to have house and car, instead of speed it up!.

May be its about changing mindset!, a person need to change mindset first,

I said then to my friend, that a businessman is, a person who jump and swim in the rough sea far from sea bank, the option is to survive and get bigger fishes, while a worker is a person sink in sea bank, in the cool water, waiting miracle happen than pick it up,.

Becoming a worker is like a person who give his life away, be dependent in any way, while a dream dead slowly within years, hoping miracle come from sky….

DD Radio, Friday Night

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